3PL xidməti

Our third-party logistics (3PL) programs integrate critical logistics operations, warehousing/distribution and transportation services together for the purpose of delivering a cost effective, streamlined and efficient supply chain program to our clients. We scale, customize and constantly optimize our programs for each client based on a number of customer specific factors which may include: budgetary guidelines, total supply chain velocity (raw materials movements through the stocking of finished goods), end customer delivery requirements and reverse logistics.

Starexpress Lojistik's goal as your 3PL partner is to enable your organization to gain measurable benefits including:

  • Inventory Carrying Cost Reduction
  • Logistics Fixed Asset Reduction
  • Overall Logistics Cost Reduction
  • Lead and Cycle Time Reduction
  • Inventory Accuracy Improvement
  • Order Fill Rate Improvement
  • Order Accuracy Improvement
  • Increase In Customer Satisfaction Levels